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In this era, development of national need to be created effectively and sustainable as nowadays is the industrial revolution. In order to experience major changes in running a successful organizations, the Human Resources Department need to enhance employees’ rights, working condition and product. Human Resources plays a vital role of an organization as they are the one who is a responsible for giving training, hiring, provide compensation and benefits also manage for the retention. But if human resource’s department doing wrongful by terminate their employees without legally and fairly reasons, they can be file lawsuits. The issue of “unfair dismissal” or “unlawful termination” is not strange or unfamiliar in Malaysia. Across the ages, there has been only incremental of awareness about employee rights in Malaysia. Because of this, there are many misconceptions that have not been corrected and clarify so that all workers aware about it.

What is unfair dismissal? Unfair dismissal can be defined as when an employee are being treated unfairly by having terminate or retention from employment with unreasonable and not make sense of excuses. Unfair dismissal can be occur to every persons and to prevent this to occur is by acknowledge every employee with this matter. In my opinion, this matter is a very serious problem because it is common issue in human resource management in Malaysia. This issues must be addressed adequately and fairly to avoid any misappropriate consequences that can affect employee’s well-being.

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