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In the first stanza of the poem starts by saying, “Because I could not stop for Death / He kindly stopped for me”(1-2) I took this as she was not ready to die, not wanting to die, but simply took her by surprise and ended her life easily. I think it is a beautiful way to take on death because death is usually said in such a morbid tone and the fact she associated “he kindly stopped for me” with death is beautiful. The second line is “The Carriage held but just Ourselves / and Immortality”(3-4). The author emphasizes Carriage, Ourselves, and Immortality. she make more specific and more important and also strengthened relationship between the speaker and death as she is on the way to eternal life( an afterlife). . she begins death’s journey with a slow, forward movement, which can be seen as she writes, “We slowly drove, / He knew no haste / and i put way u labour and My leisure too / for his civility”. She describes the by saying death didnt speed or hurry up and she has given up worriers( work) and joys( leisure) of life in exchange for his graciousness.
The third stanza ”We passed the School, where Children Strove/ At Recess / in the Ring/ we passed the field of the grazing grain/ we passed the setting sun” this describes death and dying seems like just another ordinary part of life and signifies the end of day and also stands for the end of life.”or rather he passed us/ The Dews drew quivering and Chill –
For only Gossamer, my Gown – My Tippet – only Tulle”. ”or rather,” is made after the stanza break only enhances the spookiness. The long pause between stanzas allows us to notice that the poem is about to make a shift away from the sunny ordinary day into something more grave and also The fact that she is under-dressed for this journey also reflects that she is under-prepared.
“We paused before a House that seemed / A Swelling of the Ground”(17-18). The reader is given a feeling of life slowly ending. she used the word “House” to indicate the place of burial instead of “grave” or “tombstone. ”The Roof was scarcely visible /The Cornice – in the Ground”line (19-20). These lines continue to explain this burial house the setting shifts a bit in last stanza because we find out the the place is the poem for long time ago but when you read it you think i was yesterday

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