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In the first section, they are total seven chapters each have some different information related to industrial corn farming. Michal pollen started with he calls industrial food chain most American people get their food from the supermarket. Although American supermarket has a variety of foods corn is everything for them. Corn or Zea mays is everything for them. It can be eaten or can feed as livestock. To prove his point pollen invites the people to study the chicken nugget chicken itself is a fed corn. Glues have corn starch that holds chicken nugget together corn flour is used in the batter while corn oil to fry nugget. Michal explains to people that science has found the amount of carbon I the American body that contains corn so it means American people mostly depend on corn. In the farm chapter, the writer has given the example of a corn farmer George Naylor. The farmer explains the meaning of “plague of cheap corn “in his own words as a man very much old rural -populist mold on the nation. This plague of cheap corn goes to impoverishing framer. The farmer often speaks in the farm crisis meetings on the issues of farm policy. He calls it the Naylor curve its basically on the falling farm prices and in which way they can increase their production. According to Naylor curve, the drive down the price will profitable for Cargill and cocoa cola.
In the elevator when pollen arrives on the elevator he found lots of piles of corn on the floor or ground then he discovers that colossal surplus of corn produced by Americans framers then he concludes that cheap corn became the major task of an industrial food system. In the feedlot the writer makes important things or points include the difference between solar powder food and fossil fuel powered food and between economic logic and evolutionary logic and in the end, the writer thinks that it more negative points than the positive points. In the fifth process which is processing of plant in this, the author mentions about the whole process step by step like first separate corn into botanical parts embryo, endosperm, fiber and then into a chemical process step by step the process. Even when the corn syrup is made it will be the cheapest substitute for sugarcane.

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