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In the essay “School is Bad for Children” by John Holt which appeared in the book The Underachieving School, Holt uses logos, by doing this Holt intends to get his audience to recognize that “learning is a passive process, something that someone else does to you, instead of something you do for yourself” (73). He also uses logos when trying to explain that the required curriculum should be abolished because “People remember only what is interesting and useful to them, what helps them make sense of the world, or helps them get along in it” so by attending school, children are not actually attaining the information being taught. (76).Since Holt uses logos, his arguments are valid and strong, which makes his work more effective. Throughout “School is Bad for Children” Holts personal beliefs have an important role in the effectiveness of the work. The use of rhetorical elements impacts the author’s message and effectively engages the reader. Holt achieves his purpose and makes his message clear, he makes a strong argument and shows how passionate he feels about a child’s education.

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