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In 2014, there was an estimate of 795 million people who are undernourished. Many developing countries have been suffering from famine & hunger. Hence the zero hunger sustainable development goal (SGD) aims to achieve food security, improved nutrition & promote sustainable agriculture. It also aims to end hunger by the year 2030 so that everyone can have access to the food they need. With the zero hunger sustainable development goal, these people can now meet the nutritional needs that they lack.
How can the SDG help achieve its goal to end hunger by the year 2030? They are able to do so by the promotion of integrated approaches for alleviating child hunger and undernutrition as well as the promotion of sustainable and resilient livelihoods for vulnerable households, especially in the context of adaptation to climate change. With that SDG already has programs in Vietnam which operates in 2 provinces with extremely high poverty rates. It focuses on nutrition policies and standards, development of institutional capacity and systems, and evidence generation.

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