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If an accident or sudden illness should occur you must ensure the safety of the individual and everyone else who may potentially be affected. All workplaces will have a health and safety procedure to outline what to do in an emergency and you must ensure that you are familiar with it. You must also be familiar with the individuals care plan, for example if they are known to have a condition that could lead to sudden illness, and how you should respond.

In an emergency
-Remain calm and send for help by shouting, phoning or finding someone
-observe the individual, listen to what they are saying, try to find out what happened and reassure them, but do not move them unless it is absolutely necessary for safety reasons
-stay with the injured or sick individual until help arrives, observing and noting any changes in condition, as you will need to tell relevant medical staff or others of what you have seen.
-do as little as you need to do to keep the casualty stable and alive until qualified help arrives
-complete a full written report and follow the agreed ways of working to inform managers, carers or family members who need to know.

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