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I would propose the use of a star topology because of it provides redundancy and scalability, with a combination of single-mode fiber optics for the backbone configured in a logical star configuration and dedicated servers. Using this topology to connect all computers would easily assist administrators to detect issues for problem solving issues and reconfiguration when necessary as each node is connected to a hub or switch instead of each other allowing for problem detection easier to locate. Category 6a untwisted pair (UTP) cabling will provide connection to remaining wireless controllers, switches and other devices to include 802.11ac compatible devices
The logical topology is used to describe how the devices will communicate or transmit data between one another 1. The logical topology to be utilized is also a star topology. This will allow for many segments to operate on its own or connected and form a large network. In addition to having many segments the star topology allows the administrators to work on now segment of a network without affecting other components or functionality of the rest of the network 2.

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