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I would like to study Pharmacy as it is a subject that can change people’s lives. Whether this be at the level of a community pharmacist providing advice and solutions for everyday problems or a research pharmacist, exploring drugs that could potentially cure a range of chronic, debilitating or life-threatening diseases. The very prospect of being at the forefront of such a fast-developing field is what excites me about studying Pharmacy at university.

Volunteering at a local pharmacy helped me confirm that this is the right choice for me. By working in a pharmacy, I was able to observe many of the practical aspects of a career as a pharmacist, including processing prescriptions and the importance of communication when discussing issues with drug administration with the public. I also learnt the importance of patient confidentiality, especially with sensitive topics such as methadone prescriptions. My volunteering at a pharmacy helped me enhance my communication skills as I had to deal with different patients every day. This is an important skill as pharmacists deal with people daily and need to know how to communicate with different types of people.

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My interest in pharmacy was sparked by studying biology, chemistry and mathematics A levels- all crucial foundations for pharmacy. By taking chemistry A Level, I was able to learn about drug synthesis of drugs such as penicillin as well as learn the legal implications when clinical trials are not conducted properly, such as the case with thalidomide. A level biology allowed me to improve my analytical skills in the lab and improved my knowledge in biochemistry, giving me a better idea of how the human body works and how drugs affect the body. This led me to research cognitive enhancers and the effects they have on memory, creativity and motivation and the misuse of these prescription drugs.

Having completed a work experience placement at a law firm, I was able to explore a different career path. I enjoyed my placement however I found myself more intrigued by cases involving drugs and drug misuse. During my work experience placement, I was able to research automatism and insanity, involving diabetes patients and hypoglycaemia. I learnt that as hypoglycaemia can occur with no warning, a patient is not liable for their crime. I feel this is an important aspect of pharmacy as, by providing knowledge and advice to patients, you are not only helping them but helping the community by keeping vulnerable patients out of harms way.

As well as A levels and work experience, I dedicate my free time to playing sports. I play cricket weekly for a Sunday league team. By playing in a team sport, I’ve learned to work efficiently as part of a team which is important in a pharmacy setting as a pharmacist works with a range of people including doctors and nurses. I also captained by school’s football team throughout secondary school which helped me enhance my leadership skills. I had to consistently motivate my team as well as make important decisions involving roles.

My responsibilities and experience have given me a realistic understanding of the physical, emotional and organisational demands of a career in pharmacy. I believe I have the essential skills and possess the academic ability and motivation to overcome any challenges and be an asset to the field of pharmacy.

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