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I have chosen to write about the Japanese culture. Most Japanese people inhabit the island of Japan. It is located in Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Asia. It consists of 6,900 islands (GPI, 2017) and has a population of approximately 128 million people (Worldometers, 2018). Japanese is the native language. There are 3 alphabets in this language.
Early in Japanese culture Japan was mainly influenced by China and didn’t have much contact with people outside of the islands. In the 1800s this changed, and the Japanese culture opened its doors to the world. Today the western world does have some influence on Japanese lifestyle but never the less Japan is rich with its own culture. The Japanese culture is strict with a high regard for harmony. Social relationships are important and at times very black and white They are taught to be polite vs being honest. Anyone who steps from this harmonious way of thinking is seen has selfish and an outcast of Japanese tradition.

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