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I do not believe that eyewitness testimony is as reliable to police and juries as it may seem. As mentioned in the article, there are enough factors that can easily influence the source of information, therefore, leaving professionals with inaccurate evidence. Therefore, with interest in this specific topic, I was glad to get the information I was able to and review a number of different experiments providing outcomes to prove eyewitness to be untrustworthy.
As a psychology major, interested in the forensic field of psychology, the research enables me to better understand that eyewitness testimony is an important area of research in cognitive psychology and the human memory. I believe that this article and the research that I reviewed might be able to help me in my future, as a forensic psychologist. Personally, the article gives me knowledge to share with others in the same field. I am currently enrolled in a criminal investigations class and I believe that this topic would be great for class discussion.
Afterall, while most jurors tend to rely on eyewitness testimony when deciding whether a

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