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I believe that the consumption of marijuana should be legalised. Marijuana should be legalised because it is potentially a new source of revenue and jobs and clinical data suggests it can help improve patient quality of life. Although legalising marijuana has its benefits, there are also concerns that clinical data has shown.
One reason why marijuana should be legalised is because the majority of he public favours legalization. In the Gallups October 2016 poll and CBS News’ Apriil 2017 poll found 60% and 61% support the legalisation or marijuana throughout the United States. There was also another poll from Quinnipiac University in April found supporting the legalization of medical cannabis at an overwhelming 94% compared with 5% who opposed the idea.
The first reason of why I believe that marijuana should be legalised is that it could be a new source of revenue and jobs. Legalising marijuana could benefit the economy and individual states. There is a report from New Frontier Data about a cannabis industry creating an estimation of over 250,00 jobs by 2020. That is more jobs than multiple sectors like manufacturing sector, utility sector and more than the government sector based on employment projectors. More jobs should yield more because of the heavy consumption of marijuana where over 180 million people have consumed cannabis. Nearly 200% million in tax revenue was collected in 2016 in just over $1.3 billion in legal sales in Colorado. California’s recreational pot industry may wind up generating $1 billion or more annually in tax revenue.
Another reason is that clinical data suggests that it can help improve patient quality life. Studies suggest that cannabis may be an alternative to pain fighting opioids and is much safer as it has helped Dravet down syndrome patients by 39% from the baseline. It is also a game changer for medical discoveries for certain ailments and has broader access for patients. Deaths in Colorado has declined after marijuana was legalised by 6.5% opioid-related deaths. Having a patient quality life can help with you emotional dimension as it will make you feel more positive and enthusiastic about life. It will also help you manage your emotions in a constructive way and you appreciate what others are feeling.

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