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Hongyu Wang
SOC 352
Social change agent interview
The movement I search it’s there any LGBT rights organization or movement in China. I choose this topic because these day I search a news show that : Chinese gay teacher has been unfair dismissal after being outed by student’s parent. He name is Ming who is 31 years old and a kindergarten teacher. The reason why he been dismissed because he attend the gay charity event. I feel very angry and disappointed about this news. Actually the same-sex marriage, same-sex partnerships are not supported by law, and there are no relevant anti-discrimination laws and policies. The LGBT residents in China face legal and social discrimination and challenges. And I’m a person who also watch LGBT novels, TV grogram and movie. So I really want to know is there any organization or movement that are fight for the LGBT rights.
And I found an organization which named PFLAG China short for parents, families and friends of Lesbians and Gays of China) was established on 2008. Help LGBT people by helpline, exchanges, dialogues, lecture and other activities. And every year they will invited the parents and their children to attend the movement. So I communicated them on WeChat and explain my aim. Finally one of the leader who also is a mother have a son that is gay in the organization accept my interview. Here are the questions
Q: Why you attend this organization or movement?
A: A Tongqi women who have married gay man was very brave to share her experience with us. She said she was a single mother with children and married a gay man who hid his identity. But she found that her “husband” had little affection for her after marriage, from the emotional to the sex. I was shocked by this thing and hope any girl can find the person who is really worth to love.
A: The reason why I attend this organization because once day my son tell me that he is a gay, I was incredible and shocked that time. And I looked for help online, they tell me about this organization. And which make me feel amazing is that in the organization there are many parents face the same situation like me but all of them are look like happy and positive.
Q: which movement or activates affects you the most ?

Q: How long did this movement last, and how many times did you participate and what you did ?
A: Since 2009, we have held 10 National Conferences of PFLAG China, with more than 4,200 attendees in total, including LGBT people, their families and friends. Since 2012, we have held 35 Regional Conferences of PFLAG China in 24 cities, with more than 30,000 attendees in total, including LGBT people and their families and friends. Every time I will do a speech to share my experience with other and solve their annoyance.
Q: What do you think will impress you most about this movement?
A?This movement really care about the relationship between parents and LGBT people. In the movement we will have parents and their children perform on the stage. And evetime will have professional psychological doctor to help us. The movement provide professional family counseling and psychological assistance which is really helpful and make us know LGBT more.
Q: what’s the benefit of the movement?
A: By focusing on gay family accept problems that most of their parents and family hard to understand and accept them. So one of the most important “benefits” is to be able to let LGBT people under the care and warmth of family and fell life is better, and can solve the problem that LGBT people generally will face a lot of depressed mood, and depression, suicide, and HIV/AIDS.
Q: what goal that you think is ultimate and important?
A: PFLAG encourage LGBT people to realize their own identity .To promote understanding and communication between homosexuals and their relatives and friends; Promoting sexual equality to the public and promoting social visibility for gay people

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