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Hammurabi was the king of Babylonian Dynasty. He was the sixth Babylonian king and is famous for his laws which are called “Codes of Hammurabi”. He was born in the year 1810 BC. He was son of King Sin-Muballit. Hammurabi is famous for the laws he made called “Code of Hammurabi”. He claimed that he received these codes from Shamash, god of justice.

He Was Very Strong In His Opinions. He Was Also A Great Hardworking Person, Due To His Great Works He Earned A Great Name From His Nation Which Is Known As Title (King Of Babylon). His Total Age Was 42 Year. In This Passage Of Age He Did Many Great Works. He Used A Stone To Show His Inventions . The Stone Was Of Black In Colour 4 Feet In Height And 2 Feet In Width. He Wrote His Codes On The Stone And Place It In Between People He Gave Them 282 Laws And Told Them To Obey. These laws place greater emphasis on physical punishment of the culprit. These laws were written on a stele and put in a public place. It is one of the oldest written document. The original code is currently in Louvre and many universities in the world have replicas of the code. His codes are very easy to understand and many of the codes are still in used.

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Engineering has existed from ancient times and as man progressed he build many things to make his life easy. The earliest known civil engineer is Imhotep. People developed many things for their ease like wheel, liver ,pulley which use the laws of mechanical engineering.

Some Of The Codes Of Engineering Are Given Below…
• In His Codes One Of His Code Is Building Code: This Code Is Still Used In USA And Other Countries For Commercial And Official Construction Working.

• If A House Is Built By Some Builder Not Properly After Some Year If House Falls And His Owner Is
Dead Then The Builder Must Be Put To Death.

• If The Son Of The Owner Of The House Is Dead Due To Improper Construction Of His House By The Builder Then The Builders Son Must Be Died.

• If Owners Slave Is Dead Because Of Bad Condition Of House Built By The Builder Then After The Death Of Slave The Builder Must Be Pay Him For His Slave.

• If walls of the building seem toppling although the house is not completed, the builder must make solid walls from his own expense.

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