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Ground Beetles
List of Species
This is a very large family of beetles. Thousands probably not yet known. In Michigan there are as many as 450 species of Ground Beetles.

Ever wondered how many beetles there were on earth? No, not the car, the insect. Beetles, under the class known as Coleoptera, are believed to make up at least quarter of the animal kingdom. Beetles are the largest group of animals, representing one fifth of all known living organisms and one fourth of all animals. Almost half of all living beetles are known as weevils under the family known as Curculionidae. It is believed that the number of species of beetles range from approximately 250,000 to 350,000.

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Beetles are among the most fascinating of all animals. They differ in range of size, color, and form. Some beetles are as large as 16 cm while others are as small as 1 mm. Many tropical beetles have large horns and claws, making no attempt to hide themselves while others try to make themselves as little noticeable as they can.
Sub Family Carabinae Cicindelinae
Ctenodactylina Elaphrinae Nebriinae
Species Altagonum
Predator Picture
Soricidae earthworms
Squamata Snails
Formicidae Grubs
Araneae Slugs

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