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Good Literature can be considered a book that contains unique characters, intriguing plots, universal themes, excellent language and a good life lesson. Bless Me, Ultima is good literature because it has unique characters and the universal theme of the coming of age. The main character, Antonio, experiences different types of people with different perspectives on life. Antonio’s own parents have conflicting views as his mother is a devout Catholic and his father is a vaquero or a Spanish cowboy.
Antonio is a six-year-old boy living in New Mexico during the 1940s. Ultima is an old curandera, or healer, who comes to stay with his family at their house. She forms a great relationship with Antonio and begins to guide him, spiritually. Also, Ultima’s owl becomes a comforting presence for Tony and is actually the embodiment of Ultima’s soul. This is extremely unique because as Tony questions things about the world and even the afterlife, he has Ultima as his mentor to guide him.

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