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Gender linguistics (linguistic genderology) is a scientific direction in the interdisciplinary gender studies, with the help of a linguistic conceptual apparatus studying gender. For the first time the concept of “gender” was introduced into the conceptual apparatus of science in the late 60 – early 70-ies of the twentieth century. Particular attention of gender issue researchers pay to the formation of gender stereotypes in the language sphere. The difference between the two terms “sex” and “gender” was introduced by psychologist Robert Stoller and endocrinologist John Monie. “Sex” (sex) – denotes the bio-logical sex, while “gender” (gender) is sociocultural construction. Two of these concepts are at different poles in the life of a person. “Sex” (sex) is the starting position, with it a person is born, whereas “gender” (gender) is a kind of result of socialization of a person in society in accordance with his gender

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