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Forensic Accounting and Training
The right attitude makes a huge difference in the work place for everyone involved in daily activities: team leaders, coordinators, managers, and senior advisers. Professional and positive approach enables individuals and the office environment to radiate positive energy and accomplish goals, set out not just for themselves, but also for colleagues, those still learning the craft, and finally the society at large.
Negative and incorrect attitude will most definitely lead to erroneous outcomes and decrease of morale. Low workplace morale is a recipe for underperformance, low achievement, and tense atmosphere between coworkers and team members. When teams are not functioning, the communication breaks down and stress level goes up.
Positive Change
There is always a solution to overcome those attitude hurdles, as long as their source can be identified. Some tensions and miscommunication rise from social problems, others stem from formal and informal network disruptions. Specialized training programs are available to be used at such a multilevel environment, as an entire organization. Once the relationships between faculty members, administration, leaders, and teams are understood, the customized program can then be built to influence attitude change and invite positive results.
All managerial programs seek to have well-functioning finance, audit, and management. The only way to find out if the accounting program is working is to establish precise audit measurement and management tools. Audit helps to detect problems in their early stages and prevent long lasting effects, focusing only on accountability and quality of service to the public that the university provides. Audit and accounting go hand in hand with other processes and various technologies to achieve their purpose.
Open-ended audit presents its own unique set of problems and allows uncoordinated processes to bring in even more miscommunication. The best way to conduct the audit and keep everything in check is top-down management structure university-wide and integrated institutional support to achieve great quality at every level.
Processes and Management Control
It is important to set out a guideline of how the management processes and accounting programs will be controlled and measured. Forensic accounting differs from financial accounting and is performed in exceptional cases. The owner and the management team should be certain about when the forensic accounting should be employed and used.
Fundamental knowledge need for understanding of FA:
• Professional duties and practice
• Laws and dispute solutions
• Planning in advance
• Data acquisition and storage of documents
• Solution discovery
• Presentation to court and public
Best Management Styles
This is where people, technology, and precise processes come together to get the best outcome. Technology alone is powerless and is not sufficient to achieve a positive result. Automated FA management system has a few requirements to work properly and yield valuable conclusions: human resources and standardized processes together can guarantee sustainability, compliance, reduce risk of mistakes, and create a meaningful presentation for the courts of law.
Senior management has to be involved and provide approval for all levels of team members. Compliance has to be company- wide, and not left out up to department governance. This system disperses resources equally to achieve end goals.
In order to measure the outcome, precise policies, procedures, and then metrics need to be established and unified for all departments involved in the investigation.
Quality management processes have to be integrated and automated to ensure the success of the operation. These processes should be unified:
• Corrective and safeguarding options
• Change control
• Error tracking and correcting
• Document content supervision
• Reporting customization and analysis
• Learning
• Compliance intelligence
Internal policies and methods should be periodically audited and revised as need within the organization. This practice allows for growth and improvement of quality.
Accounting system can benefit from segregation of duties and responsibilities among different departments to ensure a healthy checks and balances plan. Review and approval has to come from various tiers of organizational management for approval. The approval should be signed and represent the audit validation with the highest integrity.
Automated management systems should be accessible for all members of teams online and offline. Some enterprises erroneously allow access to documents only when their accountants are online. This practice should be abandoned and all involved personnel should be able to complete and review documents offline with later synchronization.
Learning and Expected Outcome
Participating in the program, outlined above, will yield some great individual and team benefits:
• Critical thinking skills will develop into analytical state of mind
• The basic aspects of forensic accounting will be understood
• Theoretical analytical skills will be applied in practice with ease
• Members will be accountable for their actions and will understand the implications of their decisions
• Team work skills developed
• Corporate forensic accounting will be analyzed strategically and represented in legally conscious way
• FA challenges and problems will come to light
• Design will help solving complexities and improve dynamics of the firms
• Understanding of the responsibilities and decision influence on the final outcome will become known
Open Training
• The courses are very hands on and taught personally by skilled professionals in a modern classroom
• Inclusive notes are prepared for learning
• Short breaks from the office environment clear the mind and allow to maximize the effects of learning new concepts
• The courses are custom created to match the needs of the institution
• The classroom offers many networking opportunities
• Syndicated sessions are offered
Learning structure:
– 3 day general learning workshop
– 1 day syndicated sessions
– 1 day field trip, presentation, and certificate ceremony
Extras include different packages, tours, additional certificates, cocktail hours and dinners, and networking opportunities.
The program is tailored for accounting, legal, and management professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of forensic accounting to able to advance their company forward. The courses are designed for private and governmental sector equally. The participant members of the Board, managers, executives, lawyers, accountants, auditors, directors, project managers, team and staff leaders and members will all benefit from this program.
Institutions and Partners:
Cumberland County College in New Jersey has been an outstanding academic institution since 1966. The CCC focuses on teaching students the core values to achieve success in their fields while functioning in the fast pacing global environment.
Pride, service, and excellence are the main drivers for this institution’s programs and services. The professors are known for their innovative approach to learning and quality of well-stocked classrooms and laboratories.
Cumberland County College enrolls about 4,000 students each year. 25,000 individuals have graduated from it since 1966. The institution is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The CCC has 90 programs for all levels of students. Courses are offered in the fields of Accounting, Communications, Business, Education, Administration, Public Service, Social Studies, Agriculture and Horticulture, Computer Science, Engineering and Technology, Science, Math, and Office Administration.
SOA Financial in Maryland is a CPA and consulting firm, operating for over 10 years. SOA specializes in financial consulting, business solutions, and developmental help for emerging new markets and nations. The wide client list includes international and local governmental and business institutions. The firm collaborates with partners to offer a great range of services and solutions to empower the clients to achieve desired goals.
SOA is confident in its ability to build strong synergies, work ethics, and teams of industry experts and scientists to create a unique competitive advantage. SOA currently offers its services in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and some African Nations.

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