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Every human on earth knows Albert Einstein; he won the Noble Prize in 1921 for his contribution to the science. But this was the not the end of his curious mind, he kept doing work for around 40 years. He was working even in his last days of life. He made the enormous contribution to the world.
We should learn the lesson from his life and his work ethics. On earth we should not only consume the resources but we should contribute something to the world. Everyone have something that can help to make the world better place.
Some hours before the death of the Einstein, doctors proposed a surgery which was new and unproven to extend his life but he denied, he said “I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.”
He was the man who can do work in any conditions, presence of people, noises; questions did not distracted him from his work. We should be like that; we should never give excuse of limited resources, inappropriate environment. We should learn to work in every condition.
The most important lesson that we can learn from him is, never stop trying. We must not stop trying. He devoted most of his life to science. It’s not necessary that he got succeed in everything but he never quit. You should keep trying until you get what you want.
He would not have discovered so much if he had the same perception and approach of the world. You have to think differently, you cannot expect the different results by doing the same procedure. Progress is beyond the standard perception of the world. Encourage yourself and others to be creative. We never know what we can create. We got one life so generate new projects and ideas that will have a huge effect all over the world.
Don’t afraid to take risks, you can achieve impossible things in life if you allow yourself to experience the new things.
Einstein never kept his knowledge limited. Learning is a process; keep yourself open for new knowledge and experiences.
Don’t think about future too much. You can do something only at the present time. What is the point of worrying about the future, if it has not yet come, and it is not known whether it will happen at all? The main thing is to live in the present moment, here and now. Do everything possible that depends on you, today and don’t worry about tomorrow.
You should learn everything with simplicity and in that way that you never forget it. If you cannot explain your theory to a 6 year old child then you have learnt nothing. Remember your school teacher; they make you understand the difficult concepts in the easiest way possible.

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