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Even though there have been several efforts to reduce the separation between males and females, there is still an imbalance towards the opportunity women get when compared to men in the same field. A study was done in 2011 which stated “urban women earn 67.3 per cent of men’s wages, while a smaller 2015 survey reported 87 per cent of female university graduates experience discrimination when seeking employment” (Feng, 2017). The increase in domestic work due to the informal sector, and the subsequent lack of regulations that occurs in China. In the rural and urban areas in China, domestic workers are nearly 50 percent of each gender. If the Chinese labour law does not provide by any means of protection, who is at fault? Is it the government? “Domestic work has been built up as an area able to solve the problem of womens’ unemployment, and “85% of all domestic workers are female (Wong, n.d.)”. The government does not take the initiative of finding a solution to stop female domestication in the workplace. Millions of workers in China are laid off, majority of them are consequently women, for instance “Massive layoffs (of which 70% are women)” (Wong, n.d.). ”I do not like housework but have to do it. My husband does a little, but I do not think men should do housework. Doing housework is a woman’s duty (Wong, n.d.)” is the opinion of the interviewers on her role in the family, which reflects the viewpoints of many other women living in China that are in her position.

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