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Even though sometimes there’s a long wait at Country’s Barbecue, the food is worth it; Country’s Barbecue offers great service, fantastic food, an enjoyable atmosphere, and a good value for the price. Country’s Barbecue is located in Auburn, Alabama, and is independently owned. Jim Morpeth opened Country’s in 1975 and operated it until 1990, when Larry Wilson bought it. Larry Wilson is the father of a good friend, and he continues to own and run the restaurant. Wilson ended up building and operating another Country’s Barbecue for a little while, but it became too much for the family and it ended up closing. Now the original one is the only one up and running.
The service at Country’s Barbecue is honestly outstanding. Many of the workers are members of the Wilson family, so they work hard so their family’s business is successful. Employees at Country’s are extremely friendly and always happy to answer any questions about either the restaurant itself or about the menu. The waiters also are very attentive to your needs without being too aggressive or pushy, which many people have problems with at other restaurants. They bring the food in a timely manner, clear empty plates, and often check on you to see if you need anything. Sometimes the manager or owner will walk around and ask people how everything is going, which is very nice to know that they are taking time to make sure their customers are happy. The cooks rarely get the orders wrong, which is a very important quality for a well-run restaurant. The downside of Country’s Barbecue is that it is in a college town, so on game days it’s almost impossible to get seated due to the rush of customers.
Most importantly Country’s Barbecue has the best barbecue in town. The food at Country’s is perfect for the area due to its southern location with southern food. Country’s Barbecue obviously has barbecue, but it also has delicious side items like green beans, mac n’ cheese, Brunswick stew, and French fries. All of Country’s food is of high quality, and the barbecue is even made right in the back. There are different size options which is very convenient depending on how hungry someone is. Country’s isn’t always the best though due to the limited variety of food; if someone isn’t a big fan of southern cooking, then this isn’t the place for them.
The atmosphere of the establishment is very homey. It’s a place one would go with their family, or a group of friends. As soon as one walks in they know they’ll enjoy eating there. It’s a very southern looking place some walls made of deep brown wood and others of brick. On the walls are many different old, metal advertising signs as decorations; these ads include Coca-Cola, Good Year Tires, Bud Light, Dr. Pepper, etc. The booths have black and white table cloths with red, very comfortable, squishy seats. Sometimes there are even live bands that come and perform, which is always fun.
The cost of food is a big deal for many people, and the customers of Country’s Barbecue are generally satisfied with the bang for their buck. Even though it’s not the cheapest meal you could get, for the quality of food it’s a good value. The portions at this establishment are quite large for the cost and can easily fill anyone up. Country’s also offers free refills on drinks and a variety of free toppings on your barbecue.
Country’s Barbecue has been around for forty-three years, and there’s a reason for that. It offers incredible service from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you walk out, delicious food for anyone who loves good barbecue, a homey and family friendly atmosphere, and a great price for your portions. Country’s Barbecue is there to please!

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