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Even though honesty is a general term and used to identify a truthful and trusted person as a whole, yet, honesty can be gauged in several shades. In other words, the reflection of honesty in a particular individual will be different in different scenarios. This is because the application of honesty will be varying based on the type of circumstances but the ultimate goal will be the same and that is to ensure optimum integrity and transparency in life.

For instance, the nature of honesty at the workplace is a completely different concept altogether. Although in the modern perspective, the actual significance of honesty at the workplace is almost wanting out gradually, yet, the real leaders and pioneers in businesses have always manifested honesty in their actions irrespective of the sector and gender as well. As is believed by the stalwarts today, morals and ethics can never be compromised at the cost in the workplace in order to achieve quick success. This can give temporary gains but can be extremely detrimental to the mental peace as well as for one’s own personality also in the long run.

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