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Evaluation Test

1. Towards the end of your career, you have decided to write a biography which will be published and distributed internationally on all online and retail bookstores. Write the first page of autobiography. (approx. word count should be between 600 words)

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Start writing after this line:

A week ago the day of Monday was the last day when I retired from my long lasting career almost serving for more than 35 years. A fulfilling career I must say. Looking back towards the 35 years served in the private and public sector, I must say that my life is full of experiences which ranges from thrilling to being pensive some times. I wanted to write this autobiography to share my experiences with the general public at large and my primary goal is to target the young and those who are going to start their careers very soon. I did my basic education from a public school in my native village, from there on we migrated towards the metropolitan city of Karachi and further I studied and completed my High-School and Undergraduate from this city. Whilst studying and when I was even in my village I had the habit of working along with my parents to the maximum, In order to support them financially we were and are till this day six brothers and I was the eldest one among them, earlier on I had recognized the responsibilities which lay upon my shoulders. I have never considered any job to be of a low-level or cadre, I have always respected people who work hard and are ready to do jobs which people consider mediocre or outright look down upon people who do those jobs. During these 35 years of my life, I worked as a petrol pump attendant, as a teacher and also as a caretaker of the elderly. The experiences which I have gathered from these jobs is that be humble and truthful do the job assigned to you from the depth of your heart, give your 100 percent and then you will never be disappointed from the outcome. I have observed lazy people who will not even bother to fetch a glass of water from themselves and then they will blame the government, their parents and the overall environment around them for their own negligence, they do not even try to work. Whilst working as a caretaker for one of my clients I observed the behavior of their negligent son who was capable to take care of his parents but his lackluster behavior was one of the primary causes that his parents would fall ill, not getting their medicine and proper care on time. What I want to communicate is that rather than complain about the events and situation around you try to become an agent of change, play your part in bringing about a positive change. I also took part in various events and worked in hospitals as a volunteer as well and look after patients who needed care and their medicines on time. The humbling experience of working such vibrant jobs has its own joys. Whilst working as a volunteer for the Edhi foundation, I started to look at life from a different angle, looking at the misery of the common people I became more thankful to the Almighty for blessing me with great health, parents and a home to live in. Such were the experiences which I gathered and came to realize the importance of being thankful and appreciating what we have. After working in various fields I finally settled down as a Project Manager in a multinational and from there onwards I stayed with the same company and getting promoted along the way growing professionally and contributed to the success of the company significantly. The positive state of mind which I possess and valuing the worth of hard work early on is the reasons of my success and primary attributes I must say which made me what I am today.

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