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Ernest J. Gaines has proven himself to be an effective storyteller to the multitudes by relating the book to personal experiences, his effective use of Pathos, Logos and Ethos and finally the way he targeted the human nature and not just problems of a specific time period.
Ernest G. Gaines uses his personal experiences to help inspire himself. This helps him make his work seem more authentic and brings the reader into the middle of the story.
You can infer that he uses his personal experiences when you compare Ernest and his fictional character Grant. “Gaines’ birthplace serves as the model for his fictional world of Bayonne.” They both grew up on a plantation and similar towns, they bith left to go out west and go to college. They both return to the town. Both also served in the military for short time.
The fact that he relates his writing to personal experiences shows that his he really is an excellent story teller. When he draws upon personal experiences he is able to describe the events that happened with details that you would only know if you were there giving him the ability to transport with ease the reader to the events that are happening in the novel.
Pathos Logs and Ethos are the 3 ways that people can be convinced of something. Gaines uses theses effectively to persuade the audience to change for the better.

Gaines uses the following in his books.
Ethos- The appeal to ethics, he does this by showing how unfair the judgement of the Jefferson was. “Jefferson is nothing but a poor fool, hardly more worthwhile than a hog, and therefore incapable of plotting such a scheme”
Pathos- His credibility to the reader is verifiable due to the fact of the similarities between his life and the Grants, the main characters.
Logos- Grant uses the logic of showing how Jefferson is like another human being to help us sympathize with him.
The Final and strongest point to reasoning that Gaines is an effective story teller is what he writes about. He writes about problems to do with human nature.
Evidence can be seen of this when you take a look at the general theme of the novel, prejudice against a specific race. This problem still exists today, as can be seen in all forms of modern media. Examples involve muslim extremists, African Americans and Asians. This proves that he is a good story teller because he targeted an area of humna sthat will be relevant as long as we exist.
Gaines has been proven to be an amazing story teller through the use of his personal experience pathos logos and ethos finally his target of the human nature.
He uses Personal Experince to provide life like detail.
His use of Pathos Logos and Ethos persuades the reader to change for the better providing a moral.

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Finally his story’s will always be relevant in the due to the fact that they apply to human nature.
Looks like due to his great story telling many more future Grade 11s will be reading his stories for generations to come.

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