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Enhancement Plan. According an article posted by Narconon, a drug rehabilitation hub that provides effective rehabilitation from drug abuse, that an intervention is a process of getting an addicted person overcome their own resistance to getting treatment for that addiction. That drug abuse lower a person’s awareness. It is also supported by an article posted in, still a drug rehabilitation center, that drug abusers are reluctant or unable to realize that drugs is responsible for the problems in their relationships, health, or work and often ignore the safety issues related to drinking and driving and other high-risk behaviors. That it is common for addicts to deny that drugs are the source of the difficulties they face. They may instead blame other people or circumstances in their lives.
In addition, provision of intervention has several methods, they can be direct intervention or an indirect intervention according to The Recovery Village, a drug rehabilitation center that provides intervention. Direct interventions are primary types in which family members, friends and loved ones confront the addict with the help of a support professional or interventionist. While, an indirect method involves support for the family to prepare them to interact with a substance abuser so that their environment becomes more conducive to healing. On the other hand, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2014) introduced the community-based approach. This treatment approach ensures a holistic approach to the treatment and care of drug users. However, this is considered based on the nature and complexity of the problems experienced by the individual. The essential elements of the community-based approach is the forging of close linkages and collaboration between service providers in the community such as the health sector, and the social welfare support for rehabilitation and reintegration.

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