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English, the word ‘trial’ is not the right substitute of ‘fitna’.

The right substitute for ‘fitna’ is ‘mayhem’ or ‘disruption’.

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Therefore, please do not misguide the people by quoting the saying of the Prophet in the garbes of your chosen words
2018 will be a “crucial year for the Kimberley Process” as it works towards ensuring that it “remains fit for purpose”.

The World Diamond Council, which represents the industry, is backing reform. Stephane Fischler, acting president of the WDC, points out that on its narrow definition of a conflict diamond, the KPCS has been remarkably effective, attaining a success rate of close to 99pc. But he says: “We need to broaden scope of the Kimberley Process.” He backs calls to establish a full-time secretariat for the KPCS, which would “professionalise” the body, and introduce more rigour to the peer-review system, whereby countries scrutinise each other’s adherence to the regulations

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