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Elements of good confrontation

Collecting brief information what the client is saying
Record a statement what the counsellor has detected
and how the counsellor feels

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Case study 1
Client: “I cannot find that time to go to gym and cant afford getting a membership to gym too. I have to loose weight and feel good about myself

Counsellor: ” Okay I see.… One way there is that you know exercising is healthy for you and the other hand you refuse to do it. How does it feel about this struggle you are experiencing?

This appropriate way of confrontation can be precise and be enclosed so that it attracts the client and brings a thought to the client to think about the struggle they’re experiencing.

Case study 2
Client: I don’t have time to go to swimming classes to learn how to swim and don’t want to do it because I feel scared to learn how to swim but i would like to learn how to swim.

Counsellor: Hmm okay… you do know that learning how to swim is something essential to learn for safety reasons but on the other hand you don’t want to do it because you feel scared and don’t have time. How do you feel about this struggle you’re experiencing?

This is appropriate way of confrontation because it is accurate and it is framed and that will make the client realise and think about the conflict they’re experiencing.

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