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Egyptian figures had a tendency to have huge heads with no articulation and strived for target portrayal. Greek craftsmanship in the interim was significantly more “present day” in its exemplification of the real world and human articulation. Greek statues displayed feeling and even tissues like muscles and organs. Nakedness was regular in Greek workmanship too. While Egyptian workmanship just utilized it for youngsters and hirelings, Greek craftsmanship utilized bareness bountifully, apparently out of certified enthusiasm for the human frame. Egyptian workmanship likewise had a tendency to be static. Artistic creations and statues were settled set up whether pictures of individuals or divine beings, their absence of articulation coordinating an absence of smoothness in style. Greek workmanship, then again, demonstrated significant development. Models were frequently intended to seem to get Olympic competitors at the zenith of an accomplishment of physical effort. Other craftsmanship showed development also, including works of art that caught activity and cooperation between subjects as though it were an insignificant minute in time, much like a photograph.

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