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Economic evaluation

Globally: The absolute global economic burden will increase in the cost from U.S. $1.3 trillion (95% CI 1.3–1.4) in 2015 to $2.2 trillion (2.2–2.3) in the baseline, $2.5 trillion (2.4–2.6) in the past trends, and $2.1 trillion (2.1–2.2) in the targeted scenarios by 2030. This translates to an increase in costs as a share of global GDP from 1.8% (1.7–1.9) in 2015 to a maximum of 2.3% (2.1–2.2) this is a huge valus we should to give it the most care

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Over 30?years, DCCT intensive therapy cost $127,500 to $181,600 more per participant than DCCT conventional therapy, and modern intensive therapy cost $87,700 to $409,000 more per individual than new basic therapy. good glycemic control averted as much as $90,900 in costs from complications and added ~1.62 quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs) per participant over 30?years. When costs and QALYs were discounted at 3% annually, DCCT intensive therapy and new intensive therapies that use multiple daily injections (MDI) or pumps are cost-saving or cost-effective ($250,000/QALY-gained) but would be more cost-effective if associated with low hypoglycemia, most good glycemic control, fewer complications, or improved health-related quality-of-life
In middle east:Egypt and Saudi Arabia are on the separate ends of the spectrum with regards to diabetes propagation in the MENA region with Egypt having the lowest rate of 7.2% and Saudi Arabia the highest 21.8. In Saudi Arabia, the same trend can be detected where diabetes was most propagation among Saudis living in urban areas (25.5%) compared to rural Saudis (19.5%) .The urban population within Egypt have higher rate of diabetes compared to the rural population (4.9%), regardless of higher (20%) or lower socioeconomic statues (13.5. Despite the easye available access to healthcare facilities, a large number of diabetics (27.9%) were unknown of having diabetes. References

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