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Donnett Sackie
Propaganda and persuasion
June 1st, 2018
Media violence and media behavior
In a modern world where technological advancement directly influences social norms, the issue of the controlling effects of the media in a society becomes more and more controversial.
In Gerard Jones’ article: Violent media is good for kids, and John Leo’s, When life imitates video, the contentious issue of what role media-violence plays in our society is approached by both authors, who amalgamates series of eventful proofs and scientific studies, to suggest their opinion about media violence.
In the excerpt Violent media is good for kids, Jones alludes the importance of media violence, as a safe medium through which kids just like himself who have retracted into a shell of passivity, loneliness, and fear, regain vitality, and emotional freedom. He explains how each aspect of media violence ranging from Video games, and Tv, to comic books, and magazines, has a very salient developmental function in the psychological well being of kids. Jones highlights that the exposure to media violence, can promote the necessary energizing emotions that in fact provides a sense of self-competence that factors kids into creating a productive career ( interests in programing, software development and others) Although Jones lucidly states the merits of violent entertainment– such as psychological development, self-competence and energizing emotions, he fails to notice that teenagers, and other dependent individuals tend to emulate the uncivilized and brute characteristics or attributes that characters in violent entertainment possess, which they may wish to practicalize, at the expense of others around them.
On this article and one of the major things that shouldn’t be ignored is the lack of evidence. He did included his personal experience, his son’s experience, as a way to back up his point. However, he lacks support for what he means by “violent media”. He simply referred to those characters who’ve done justice right after beating up bad guys, but he never mentioned others, which he should have, since he did mention “bloody and violent video games” etc. In often cases writers push to persuade their audience by only elaborating on the positive light of what the subject matter is about; this “one-way” persuasion starves the audienced from acquiring insignets or give an chances to second guess. Jones failed to express the level of violence contained in video games such as GTA, Modern welfare, Hatred, and Mortal combat; which exposes kids strong vulgar language and nudity. This technique of consciously filtering information is considered deceptive; by conditioning the perception of the audience unto the the author’s personal belief rather than concerns of the public.
John Leo’s When life imitates video, provides a juxtaposition to the claims and agenda of Gerard Jones previous article. He expresses the public concern of how children and adolescents are reflections of the morals, and informations they absorb. He further illustrates this through factual record of the massacres at virginia Tech in 2007, and Newtown connecticut in 2012; where teenagers after consuming video game violence, mirrored a similar action by killing innocent lives. Leo suggests that as Adolescents arrive at the phase of feeling powerless, and trapped– they become vulnerable to violent video games which clouds their minds with thoughts of rebellion, violence, and oppression with power, just as seen on these violent entertainments. Leo acknowledges the fact that although there isn’t a clear correlation between actual murderers, and murderers from video games, kids are prone to parrot back events they see, which ultimately disrupts the decorum and morals of the society.
Now, a plausible solution to achieving the benefits of violent entertainment is to strictly enforce regulations on parental guidance so as to ensure that each age group isn’t exposed to the kind of media that is too complex for them to understand the true message being passed across.
Also, it can be advised that parents and guardians must learnt to abstain from subjecting their children into strict rules that renders them suffocated with fear, or passiveness, so as to prevent a sudden burst to desire ruthless power, and rebellion.

What are the benefits of playing violent video game as suggested by Gerard Jones?
What reasons might persuade children into obsessive playing of violent video games ?
Does the writer effectively employ enough evidence to support his claims?

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