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Digital Dominance in Marketing Strategy
The corporate strategic activities such as marketing and sales, enhancing brand awareness, connecting with consumers in the digital world, generate Quality Traffic and Leads thereby saving time and cost have become a breeze owing to tools given by advanced technology. This has resulted in enhancement of profit while curtailing costs. The real time tracking mechanism offered by new age techniques results in digital domains to create a sense of marketing thereby offering the company the benefits of competitive edge in the market.
The analog marketing strategies relied on primarily in print or with TV and radio commercials to reach the consumers inclusive of the internet and email those were more commonly used, as a means of communication with the existing and potential consumers. In the digital age, numerous marketing plans use a suitable combination of Analog methods as detailed above and a few digital marketing methods such as email blasts, banner ads, social media, Google ads, applications and the like.
The continued impact pertaining to digital technology has translated into an asset for marketing initiatives. The initiative of creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan that extends beyond the traditional social media and internet would be the main aim of the companies today. As the digital technology is on a continuous evolution trajectory, the adoption of such technologies develop communication in companies. This revolutionary development of technology, like AI (artificial intelligent), is bound to relate a continuous connection between the company and consumer. AI scripts have enhanced the online consumer platforms by creation of scrips. The offering of solutions on demand by understanding and capturing consumer preferences is a noticeable development through AI. Consumer engagement is also being maximized in recent times by using personalized experience that is created from the data elements those are gathered by the AI systems.
The noticeable development of digital dominance on the corporate marketing strategies is here to stay, grow and enhance the marketing plans of the companies thereby aiding them to cater to more customers by creation of personalized experiences those aid the respective consumers to connect to the products and business in a better manner.

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