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Digital advertising and digital media have developed a lot and changed the concept how social media interacts with the society compared to the traditional method of advertising and marketing. However, in the context of Kantipur publication. From the survey conducted and the data analytics, it can be concluded that such digital change in media and advertisement have minimal impact on traditional marketing and advertisement. Even though a lot of information is published within a short amount of time through digital marketing but nobody can be sure if all the data provided are real. That is why, people tend to follow the traditional media more because they believe that the information from it is more genuine compared to digital media. Kantipur publication has been live for more than decades and is still growing. To make its information global, Kantipur publication has also adopted some form of digital marketing. Such changes and adaptation of digital marketing by Kantipur publication as well as other known trustworthy publication can help provide the right information to the public, thus decreasing the rate of false news and advertisement in the future. This can assist people to involve more on digital social media, thereby making it easier, faster and more reliable to get the genuine information.

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