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Demographic information

Reasons to starting and continuing smoking

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Different smoking behaviour amongst smokers

Different smoking experiences of smokers

Family smoking status

Awareness and opinion towards smoking

In the present study 32 (45.71%) were males and 38 (54.28%) were females. Table 1 also shows the distribution of the respondents in different age groups: 32(45.71%) belong to the age group of 18-20 years, 28(40%) belong to the age group of 21-23 years and 10 (14.28%) reported above 24 years of age. Majority of the respondents were undergraduate. According to the data analysis majority of the respondents were non-smokers 41 (58.57%) and 29 (41.42%) smokers. Among these 15 (51.72%) males smoking once or twice. and 14(48.82%) females. About 30(73.17%) respondents had never tried or experimented smoking and 11(26.82%) respondents tried

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