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Defusing aggression and staying confident:
In a health and social care facility, people hear good news, bad news, complex and difficult information which they rather not hear etc. with all this put together, it can cause an individual stress often because they feel like they have lost all power and control of themselves. When an individual is upset, emotions tend to build up and it gets to a point where they cannot be controlled. Tension would then build up which could lead to aggression. When a service user is being aggressive sometimes, they can end up injured because of the service user’s outburst. When an individual is going through a tough time, it helps to stay calm with them, communicate with respect, create trust with them and try and help them solve the problem at hand. It is important that care workers learn this skill as sometimes they might forget and break professional codes of conducts. Understanding other people emotional can be useful as it can help to avoid aggression and make the individual to feel safe, comfortable and valued.

Building relationships and appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication.
When care workers build trust and relationships with people who use the services, it allows them to work effectively together. In order to create these relationships, it is important to talk to them in a friendly manner and provide nonverbal behaviour which shows them that they care for them.

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