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CYP3.7 Understanding how to support positive outcomes for the children and young people.

Disability has the potential to cause negative effects on children’s life chances, children may have impairments which give rise to disability.
* Physical impairments and chronic medical conditions may compromise children’s healthy development and disrupt their educational experiences.
* Learning difficulties or difficulties with emotional or so

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3.2 Explain the importance of positive attitudes towards disability and specific requirements

The importance of positive attitudes towards disability and specific requirements is that you don’t point out what a child can and cannot do. You help the child to have appropriate recourses and faculties are made available to them and that
the attitudes of the people around them are positive and not based on limited assumptions about what they can and cannot do. Not always but there is still discrimination towards people who have disabilities, it is important how we treat those people with disabilities and make it aware to others. Having a positive attitude towards someone with a disability and specific requirements is very important, we must make sure that we plan activates that can support those who may find it difficult, so those children don’t feel isolated.

3.3 Explain the social and medical models of disability and the impact of each on practice

Social model of disability: recognises that discrimination against disabled people is created by society, not by disabled people’s impairments. The social model i

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