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Creation of Survey Questionnaire
• Establish and clear your purpose why you are conducting a survey. Make sure that the questions fit to your respondents.
Asking Permission
• Write a letter to your school administrator to conduct a survey in your current school. Explain why you are conducting a survey and include the person involve in your research; once the letter approved, start to gather information to your respondents.
Distribution of Survey Questionnaire
• The concepts of your study is easy to handle or attainable and ensure that the scope and scale within your community. Measure your study and think the possible outcome.
Consolidation of Survey Questionnaire
• Avoid using jargon and flowery words for your questionnaire. Make it concrete and straight to the point and be specific.
Data Analysis and Interpretation
• The questions that you construct are originally product of your imaginative mind and it will show your capability to make a research. Questions are accurate and related to your field.

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