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Communication plays an important role in establishing and sustaining a common sense of purpose within a team. Communication allows a team to run like clock work as it enables the co-ordination of efforts and resource. Team communication skills make goals more reachable, increase efficiency, create positive relationships and a culture of motivation, and reduce or diffuse conflict. It creates a common sense of purpose as it allows the team to be pulling in the same direction (to achieve the end goal), it empowers individuals to use their own capabilities such as heir intelligence and it also provides the information needed to allow people to carry out their task. Good efficient communication also helps assist the introduction of change. This enables the team to adjust, if needed, so the they can overcome the change. This also saves time and reduces the scope for errors to occur as the team should, in theory, all be on the ‘same page’. Communication also helps motivate which inspires the team to carry on as they are doing well, this said it can also prove constructive feedback so that the team can maximises the change of success. Inappropriate communication may damage a common sense of purpose as individuals can effectively be ‘blind’, they may not know what’s happening, what they are doing and even what the goal is, this renders them useless which is not in the interest of the team as it minimises success rate.

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