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Chronic Infertility-Specific Grief Model
Involuntary childlessness creates a sense of loss and sets in motion a process of grief and bereavement . it is a complex phenomenon encompassing a couple’s health and physiological goals, self-confidence, self perception and definitions of success. Grieving a process to naturalize this emotional turmoil. The intensity of process is based directly on the their desire for parenthood.
Chronic infertility-specific grief model was developed by Unruh and McGrath when traditional grief theories were not able to address grief among such couples. They developed the concept of disenfranchised grief. This is defined by three points,
1)Sense of loss is socially unrecognizable. The loss or inability to conceive is a private emotion, one that is felt only by the couple. 2) the loss of a child from a miscarriage or inability to have a child is abstract. Another person, friend or family members may not be able to see it. 3) since physically there has been no loss, the griever is not seen to have suffered a loss and hence is not justified in grieving.

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