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Childhood years are an important period of a person’s life. In this age we believe everything we see and what our parents and friends tell us. We are innocent and unfamiliar about the difficulties and problems of life. These years are very precious for us and have an impact on our future life, so I agree with the statement mentioned above for several reasons.
First, in this period our parents have a huge role, as they give us proper upbringing, which is very important for our future. During childhood years children learn everything they see or hear from different sources and they cannot tell what is good and what is bad for them. Our parents are the ones who guide us to the right path and help us to distinguish between right and wrong. And later in our life we begin to make decisions ourselves based on our principles.
Moreover, childhood is a significant period for children to create and develop their characteristics. The environment in which we grow has an influence on our behavior and personality. For example, if a child is treated well and the atmosphere of the family is full of love and respect, the child ,as well, will treat others the same way. The unconditional love and care that we receive during childhood years influence us to be great parents later.
Furthermore, childhood years have a huge influence on our whole life and can affect the way we communicate and treat others, the way we think and act in different situations. This is the period, when it is very important for parents to spend much time with their children and pay attention to their development.
To conclude, childhood years are the most significant years of a person’s life, since it is the period when our personality, moral values and our attitude toward life is formed, of course due to the appropriate upbringing received from our parents.

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