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Changing the way customers complaints are recorded and deal with is something that need to provide input for. When the proposed changes have been approved by the stakeholders this should be shared in several forms in customers base. This can be done by sending emails, posting letter and on the main page of the website. Stating the said changes and the reason why it should be changed. Organization need potent information collections system to provide the information that will drag to improvements. The goal for making a change that effects customers is to ensure it is a better solution. An example of this is a large organization that have reputation for having less satisfaction in customer service. In today’s generation customers have more power than ever. Solving customer complaints is a lot like putting out fires. It’s reactive, and no matter how good your product or service is, it’s impossible to please all of your customers. Remember please customers not only retain a base, it can raise reputation and an opportunity for expansion of customer base.

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