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• This article discusses the history of Arck System and its background and his connection with Lux Software.Then discuss and review the details of the merger and the resulting problems arising from each company sales team with different compensation packages.
*Characters involved in the Arck System:
• Rob Chatterji(Chairman and ceo of Arck)
• Bryan Mynor(EVP for Arck system)
• Evan Hong(CEO of lux software and longtime chief engineer)
• Chris snyder(EVP for lux softwares)
*Arck System:
• This system was a medium-sized manufacturer of enterprise servers,strongest network computers used in corporate to manage data.It was developed by a third-party software houses. and cases describe the difficulties confronting a senior vendor manager who determines the sales compensation plan in an enterprise software company.
• The current compensation plan is aggressive.In response to the negative and unintended effects of the current system of cases, the manager has made a series of changes to the sales compensation program track.

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