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Building or group of
buildings surrounded by
walls, moats and other
fortification works,
generally built in a high
place and strategically
located for war.

A university residence is a
center that provides
accommodation for
university students.
Frequently the center is
integrated or assigned to a
university, but there are
also independent
residences of the

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House located outside
population centers,
generally stately and
surrounded by land, which
serves to take care of the
crop, to spend weekends
of recreation or vacations,
or both at the same time.

Vertical distance between
an object or point
determined in space and
the surface of the sea
level, the terrestrial or
another point taken as a

It is a ship that has been
designed or modified to be
used primarily as a human
habitat. Some houseboats
are not motorized,
because they usually
remain anchored at a fixed
point. However others are
able to move with their
own engines.

9 hut

Very small and rough
house made of trunks or
reeds and covered with
straw or branches, in
particular that used by
shepherds and country

10 Log cabin it is a type of typical
dwelling of rural or natural
environments, especially
of forests and of spaces
where there is an
important abundance of
wood (main material with
which this dwelling is

11 Luxury apartment The apartment is very
spacious and was
renovated with special
attention to materials and
design furniture

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