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Briefly, Jacob stays inside the house all day to protect it from being destroyed. He succeeds in protecting the house but loses his relationship with people. At the end He realizes that his priorities/values changed. The theme “I’m Still Here” by Veronica Ross is family. Jake felt he was proud of his family and didn’t want it to be vanquish by the government. He attempted to fight and rebelled for his own rights against the government through his performance . Jake the main character is trying to save his house because the provincial government is making a park where Jake’s house is. Family is group of people that have the same blood or genetics and the purpose of why it connects to the Jake because he loves this house due to his family is attach. He doesn’t want the government just to turn his house into a park.

” I was born on that land,” Joe. “And before me , my father and grandfather. It’s been in the family 180 years . My roots are there. Losing would be like losing a part of myself. “page
He loves this and his previous sibling that lived there too and he’s doesn’t want that change after of countless memories from him, brother and other of his siblings have infused in his land.
The two literary devices that connect the theme is one Conflict and other one imagery.

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