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Branding of Cadbury

The brand Cadbury which was established in Birmingham, England in 1824, by John Cadbury, has over 2 centuries been a household name for its famous dairy milk chocolate.
Since 1905, the Cadbury Chocolate logo has undergone changes and the main changes can be summarised as follows:
1905 – the logo features the Cadbury wordings in red and the wrapper was
light purple

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1915-1961 – the wrapper is darker purple

1952 – introduction of Cadbury signature fonds

2000 onwards – Bright colour purple packaging, use of 3D like background. Introduce
picture of glass pouring milk into piece of chocolate

2005 – The brand name of Cadbury’s now change to Cadbury (no more s).
Now there is a swirling purple oval.

2010-2015 – brand name Cadbury in gold colour.

2018 – Now a clean purple background and DAIRY MILK (Capitals) changed to
Dairy Milk (lower case)

2. Logo is important in Cadbury’s media strategy to reach target audience:
– The logo is simple and people can easily recognise and remember.
– The message is clear, no symbols that conflict with any culture.

– Bright purple colour packaging with gold fonds highlights the brand’s appeal
and heritage.

3. On marketing strategies the logo brings out the following:
– Cadbury logo brings out the personality of Cadbury Dairy Milk brand as a quality and luxurious but affordable product

– Cadbury uses different variations of the logo/packaging to reach different markets
– Colour – the bright signature purple wrapper and gold is eye catching and provides joyful expression for the customers.

4. In terms of choice of media, the role of logo can be seen by:
– Use of social media ie Facebook and Twitter. Through Facebook, Cadbury will commercialise their new promotion, drive new promotions and interact with loyal customers.

– To interact, create interest and build brand loyalty with customers, promotional programmes like “Fan of the Month” and Cadbury Shioklaty Moments

– Besides that, the traditional media used include television, radio, newspaper and website.

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