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Bracha Goldfeiz
Experiential Assignment #4

1. Did you perform this lab for the entire 30 minutes?
I performed this lab for the entire 30 minutes during the afternoon while I was at home with some of my family members. It was very hard to remember to breathe after every four utterances, so I used my fingers to ensure I was doing it correctly. I was utterly exhausted by the end of this experiment.
2. How did your conversational partners react to you?
My conversational partners were my own family members, so their reactions were a bit more honest, especially because they know that this was not the way I normally speak. At first they laughed at me, but they quickly grew frustrated by how long it was taking me to get my words out. They tried to avoid initiating any conversation with me and only asked me questions that required short responses.
3. How was your ability to communicate affected?
My speech took quite a lot more effort than usual, and it took considerably longer to communicate. I was not able to create the right intonations or use longer phrases because I constantly had to pause to take another breath, but I was still completely intelligible.
4. What changes in your communication style did you make during this exercise?
My communication style changed in a few ways during this exercise. My syntax was drastically less sophisticated because I was only using a maximum of four word phrases, and I barely had any intonation in my phrases. Practically, I spoke less than usual when it was not necessary.
5. What could a “real” person with this type of challenge do to compensate for the lack of air that is needed for normal sentence length?
Someone facing this challenge would need to use shorter phrases, stand with the correct posture, and speak in a softer tone to compensate for their decreased lung capacity. They would talk less to conserve energy and use more telegraphic speech to get rid of unnecessary words.
6. How would you be impacted presently if this scenario were true for you?
If this scenario were a reality for me, I would definitely be impacted. I could still live a complete life; however, I would have to change many of my habits. I would stop talking as much as I usually do and turn toward written speech to express complicated ideas. My speech partners would have to learn to tolerate my speech, and I would have to learn how to express myself using less words. My dream of becoming an SLP would be shattered, but I could find a different job requiring less speech.

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7. What are your overall thoughts of this lab?
Overall, this lab was really an enlightening and educational experience. It was difficult but interesting and worthwhile. I can definitely now relate to someone facing this type of challenge which will help me in the future.

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