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Bioluminescene is defind as the emission of light from the living organism that function for it survival or propogation bioluminescent occure mostly in the marine environment and bioluminescene is one of the major communication mechanism in deep sea.
Bioluminescene are found throughout the biosphere ,but only at levels below the mammals and plants,the occurrence appear randomly distributed among the generation . bioluminescene has also been demonstrated in fishes,jellies etc.over the past several hundred years,many scientist have been collecting and classifying. Aristotle was the first scientist to work on it.
The atomic location of the bioluminescene gives clues as to there sourse of component storage ,transport and the functions of the bioluminescene.In human stomach also during synethesising of food some bioluminescene reaction components are found.
Some bioluminescent organism are also found is sea and ocean water such a “phosphonescenes”.
All bioluminescene reaction involve an oxygen oxidation of an organic molecules.The reaction is catalyzed by an enzyme called a luciferase.
Luciferin + O2 —–? oxylucifenin +CO2 +hv
Bioluminescene results from a chemical reaction that releases a large amount of energy which instead of being desipated as heat as in a normal chemical reaction is channeled to populate the product molecule in its excited state.This excited state is the same one produced that molecule by the absorption of radiation.
The bioluminescene maximum of most marine species falls within the range of 450-510 nm.
Bioluminescene also play role in our day to day life ,like defence ,communication (in dark) .
The claving of various componenet of biolumiscent system ,some of the application of the prioluminescene are GFP (Green flueorescent protein) most famous protein in biology .this protein helps in some rapid and effective diagnostic tests.

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