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The transform studies based on case to data driven research work on large scale is termed as Big Data. The three major features defines characteristics of Big Data-
• Volume
• Velocity
• Variety121314
The exponential growth of the volume of biological data is the evident from the fact that Proteomics DB covers 92% (18,097 of 19,629) of human genes which are known annotated in Swiss – Prot. Worldwide archiving of the patented data is done in databases and analysis for the same is required. Data accumulated thus requires the perfect accommodation of the analysis related to data leading to bring about major breakdowns in research. 121516
Medical imaging also produces vast amounts of data with even more complex features and broader dimensions. The Visible Human Project has archived 39 GB of female datasets
Next in line is the variety among data types and its structure. Biological data includes several levels of data sources thus providing a rich array of data for researchers. From genomics, proteomics, metabolomics to protein interactions all of these are unstructured challenges for novel investigations
Lastly, velocity refers to producing and processing data. The next generation of sequencing technologies (NGS) enables reading billions of DNA sequence data each day at relatively lower costs. Faster speeds are needed for gene sequencing along with faster technologies to process them. In medicine, big data technology is providing faster tools for discovering new patterns among large datasets.

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