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Beowulf the archetypical hero.In which he is a significant and glorified leader. Not to mention Beowulf is also being a risk taker,and also a quest seeker.
Beowulf a significant and glorified leader of the Geats. Has been glorified due to his dedication to his people the Geats. For example, he defeated the terrible monster Grendel,m which after all the young and old praised him. Another battle that lead to his significance and glory is the battle with Grendel’s mother. Which included defeating her and claiming the head of Grendel. And the most honorable of all is his last battle defeating the dragon. Which had been terrorizing the Geats, due to the fact that a thief stole a cup of gold.However, once he defeated the dragon he had died and asked for one request that they build him a tomb. So all from far and wide could honor their fallen king.
What a risk taker Beowulf was indeed. He risked his life he fought Grendel without weapons because none would work against him. However, Beowulf still defeated him. Beowulf also risked everything going into a battle with Grendel’s grieving mother. He was in unfamiliar territory. Even at an old age he risked everything for his people by battling the dragon who was terrorizing his people.

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