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Bathurst Carillon War Memorial
Location : 3 Church St, Bathurst

The Bathurst Carillon was originally intended to commemorate those who died during World War 1, it was opened by Mayor Martin Griffin on 11th November 1933, Armistice Day.

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The 30 meter high tower was built using 221,000 locally made bricks, within the wall is a bell frame holding 35 harmonically tuned bronze bells. All the bells are inscribed with the Bathurst Coat of Arms with the 3 largest inscribed reading.

The biggest bell weighs 1575kg with the inscription, “Thus Bathurst and her surrounding villages honour their men of 1914-1918 Lest We Forget’.

The second biggest bell is inscribed “To the ever glorious memory of our fallen comrades. Greater love has no man, than this that he laid down his life for his friends’.

The third biggest carries the Red Cross emblem to honour the war nurses.

All remaining bells are named for the regional villages surrounding Bathurst. The smallest bell weighs in at 8kg.

The entry doors are commemorate both world wars, leading to an eternal flame of remembrance.

The Carillon has become a living tribute to all service men and women who have served in all wars, it’s a gathering place for remembrance services throughout the year, and especially on Anzac day.

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