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At this point Simon has been killed and the little ounce of order that was established is now gone. Remaining in Jack’s camp are humans that seem to have never been civil and as for Ralph’s pack, they’re on the edge of joining forces with Jack. Once realizing that Simon is no more Piggy, and Ralph have a conversation about the death as if they were investigators. Such as was this murder or was an accident that cost him his life.

Guilt begins to eat at the boys tremendously, but they handle it differently. The roles played in this murder were just overwhelming to Ralph. Such as when he’s filled with guilt and lets it be known it was murder, in chapter 10. Piggy assumes the death was an accident and takes responsibility. Piggy sees Ralph’s reaction to the whole thing and attempts to end the conversation, but Ralph is filled with rage about what happened.

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Ralph had trouble understanding what happened so Piggy tried to install into Ralph that this was an accident. Piggy tries to get around stating that he was a part of this devastating act. Now, Ralph believes he participated in this act. He believes that he was protecting himself from “the beast” because Simon was running down the hill looking like the beast.

The next morning Ralph concluded death and was in shock. Ralph claims that the boys were not scared they were just acting wildly acting because of the oncoming storm. The situation was that if they were not scared of the beast, they would have never rushed to kill him. Some stated that they were acting as savages and accepts his role in this death.

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