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At the time when our amygdala pushes us to react, the cerebral cortex starts to work like a softener. It chokes or controls our feelings. We experience some emotional feeling when the amygdala is triggered, then the neo-cortex fails to control it. Strong emotions interfere with attention span and every aspect of clear thinking. Nevertheless our goal should never be to eliminate emotion. Instead, we must find an intelligent balance of reason and emotion. People with a high level of EQ tend to experience a healthy balance of feelings like:
? Motivation
? Friendship
? Focus
? Fulfillment
? Peace of mind
? Awareness
? Balance
? Self-control
? Freedom
? Autonomy
? Contentment
? Appreciation
? Connection

But People with a high level of EQ tend to experience more:
? Loneliness
? fear
? Frustration
? Guilt
? Emptiness
? Bitterness
? Depression
? Instability
? Lethargy
? Disappointment.

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